This book is suggested by my best foreigner frined-(N) who live in Taiwan for 14 years longer. She said"He talks about all the mistakes men and women make when they are dating that messes up their relationship down the line - the key one being jumping in too fast and the woman chasing the man.

What do you think? I think it's pity that our educational system didn't teach us on this topic.  Maybe that's all about "natural", people have learn by their own way. It's no reason, no rule to follow up or copy.

N said, when the man is in a very unusual situation - he is under a lot of pressure and does not have much time to date. It's not easy for him to 'chase' woman but it MUST be the man who does the chasing otherwise everything gets messed up. The man might be afraid to chase woman  because he doesn't know if woman can accept his situation or not. If he had a clear signal from that woman can accept it, then he'd know what to do.

Think about that: what the woman prepared to offer and what woman MUST have from man. Love is great, but serious relationships also require negotiation and some business dealings.  
What do women NEED in a relationship and can men give it to women or not? It's possible women don't know the answers yet, but they need to find some sort of bottom line for themself.
The problem that:
'If woman say 'yes' to man, then women have to give men what they want.' This is totally unfair and then later if man isn't able to give woman what they want, they will start to say 'no' which means any  'yes' was really bullshit. 

Draw some boundaries for yourself. Once they've done that, their yes will mean something. / We will see..

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